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Who we are ?

We are KINGERY Institute, Our claim to fame is our committed competent teachers from all over the world who diligently lead students to their educational and professional goals with the most effective educational approaches.


We offer the highest quality education in an interactive and friendly environment where cultural exchange is inspired and both teachers and students from around the world are encouraged to converse and study peacefully.

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KINGERY Institute is planning to offer the ultimate quality education to individuals, businesses, NGO’s and agencies, locally and internationally, to achieve their desired proficiency goals developed by our carefully selected qualified teachers in our nurturing environment.



KINGERY Institute provides you with the most effective educational opportunities for languages and computing to secure your future in this fast-paced digitalized world.

We take different approaches to ensure a student-centered class so that you learn critical thinking through which you are engaged in the process of learning and achieve your goals.

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What We Believe

We believe that:

  • Education approaches should be art-of-the-state and flexible to a variety of programs tailored to the needs of individuals for sustainable development in a welcoming environment
  • Everyone can learn; it’s a matter of the right approach of learning.
  • Learning should be conveyed through customized approaches, communicated to influence and led by competent teachers to optimize the outcome.


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Our History

Learning to Live in Peace

When the two parts of the Kurdistan Region united and opened to Westerners, American Dr. Paul Kingery saw an opportunity to serve. He was then a dean at the University of Hawaii, and looking for a place to work where Muslim and Christian groups lived in close contact within a Middle-Eastern democracy. He had widely published on violence prevention and wanted to shift toward building peace in difficult areas. Muslim-Christian relations was a timely issue then, and still is, in all the world. He brought a team to Kurdistan Region, Iraq, in 2006, garnered resources from the US government for higher education in Kurdistan Region, and then brought his family in 2008 to implement the project.

For the first 3 months he worked for the Ministry of Higher Education in Erbil, then he established the KINGERY Institute in Ankawa. It was a time when boys and girls, Muslims and Christians, usually studied separately. In the KINGERY Institute, students studied in a context of diversity, and it was an effective way to build peace between different groups of people. Eventually settling on Peshawa Qazi street where Muslim-Christian relations once boiled over into gunfire, he established a place for “Learning to Live in Peace,” the slogan for the KINGERY Institute. The classes and the field trips into the mountains built peace between students and prepared them for international involvement in a time when social media applications were just beginning to appear.

Children generally studied in the summer, and older students in the afternoons and evenings. Their English skills improved rapidly with the help of highly qualified English teachers, many from the US, UK and other native English speaking nations. Over the years, the children grew up and increased in knowledge of English and Computing, and they advanced more than other students, finding excellent educational opportunities, chances to study abroad, and became more mobile in the world.

Dr. Kingery operated many projects for the U.S. Government in the Kurdistan Region during those years while managing the Institute and teaching classes. In the summer of 2014 he went on to help establish the American University of Kurdistan in Dohuk/Semel. Only 7 months into that process, when Daesh invaded, he left his post as Professor and Chair of the Academic Committee to run MedEast Organization. He established this organization to help ethnic/religious minorities in Iraq who were victims of Daesh. Ms. Halala Haidari was a teacher at the Institute in those years, and she became manager of the Institute. Eventually Dr. Kingery left the Institute to serve displaced people and Ms. Halala took over the Institute work entirely and put her own stamp of academic excellence on the training programs.

The tradition of excellence continues at the Institute under Ms. Halala’s leadership. Still, Muslim, Christian, and other students sit in classes together, and the gaps between them grow smaller. This work of learning to live in peace continues, with great effects on individuals, families, and the broader society.

Written by: Dr. Paul M. Kingery

What our students say about us?

  • Dr Jaber said:

    Atmosphere is very convenient, I have met people who become a lifetime friends.

    Teachers are well oriented to the test exact needs, they are hard workers and ready to commentate for any missing lessons.

    The program is very smooth and straight, I have found it very helpful.

    Drinks are for free, not only once.

    Being a member of KINGERY family is an experience with no regret.

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