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What is PTE?

It stands for Pearson Test of English and was first launched in 2009. It is a computer-based proficiency test and is rapidly being accepted by many institutions around the globe. There are two versions of PTE: PTE Academic, PTE General.

PTE General

PTE General: If you are a learner of English who is a speaker of other languages (ESOL) and want to assess your general English The test has two parts, the Written part, which is scored out of 75, and the Spoken part that has 25 score. The result will not expire; participants are rather encouraged to improve their general English level.

PTE Academic

PTE Academic: If you want to pursue tertiary education, whether inside KRG or abroad, or apply to visa/immigration to Australia or New Zealand. This version, which is co tests all skills and is based on a 10-90 scale of score. The results are declared within 5 business days and they are valid for up to two years from the test date.

PTE course Erbil





PTE preparation courses at KINGERY are small-sized self-paced customized to our customers’ needs where they can find all they want to take PTE successfully.


What is PTE?

It stands for Pearson Test of English, which is an international proficiency test.

Is PTE easier than ELTS?

They are both proficiency tests and for any PTE score, there is an equivalent IELTS score, so it only depends on how comfortable you are with computer-based tests, item types, etc.

What is PTE format?

It has three parts: Part 1, Speaking and Writing (77-93 minutes), Part2, Reading (32-40 minutes) and Part 3, Listening (45-57 minutes). Candidates may take a 10-minutes optional break between part2 and 3. The test takes 3 hours to take.

How can I book the test?

You must first visit https://pearsonpte.com/ , then on top right part click on “Sign In” then create an account and enter your personal information as appeared on your ID. Next, you sign in and then click on “Book Now”.

How is the test scored?

The answers are all scored by automatic scoring system and for some items the answers are correct/incorrect while for some other items the scores could be correct/partially correct/incorrect.


How long does it take to get the test result?

You will receive it within 5 working days since your test.

Why I haven’t received my test result?

If you haven’t received it over 5 working days since your test, it is suggested to check your spam/junk mails. You are also required to be patient as you will soon receive it.


When can I book another test?

You can book another test after you receive the score from the previous one.

What if I have more than one account?

It is necessary to merge them all, otherwise you won’t get your test result.