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Arabic Course

Arabic is a powerful and rich language spoken in over 20 countries, most of which are in the Middle East where you can find a lot of professional and academic opportunities. Most of us have always been exposed to the language in a way or so, which makes it easier and faster to learn.

Learn Arabic Language

Learn Arabic

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Course Description

KINGERY Arabic courses focus more on conversations with daily life topics, as well as other language features, which are given in small class sizes (5-6 students) at all levels, beginner to advanced.

Arabic course erbil

KINGERY Arabic Courses

Apart from Arabic conversation courses, we also offer courses with specific purposes, such as Arabic grammar, refresher, business, etc. to meet customers’ needs.

What you will learn?

  • Conversation

  • Speaking & Listening

  • Reading & Writing

  • Vocabulary & Grammar

  • Pronunciation & Authentic accent

Arabic class Erbil

Course Duration

6 weeks

3 Days per week

2 hours lectures

Course fee: $145

Arabic language

Course Target

We aim to offer the best quality courses for Arabic language, so that our students can communicate in Arabic with accuracy in grammar and pronunciation in their day-to-day life.

Who can take the course?

It is for you who want learn Arabic language.

  • What our students say about us?

    Rovan says:

    It's very good and I enjoy the course.

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