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Germany as the strongest political and economic power in the EU is the destination of many people from the Middle East or even Europe to seek opportunities for work, education or a better life. Is that your ambition to learn German language perfectly?

We offer you a great package of coaching the language with native teacher in our highest quality German classes at affordable prices.

Goethe Exam Preparation

Learn German with Native Teacher

Course Description

KINGERY German course; designed and prepared by our expert team to make German language learning achievable for the residents of Erbil, from A1 to B2.

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german course erbil

KINGERY German Course

Our students get training for German language skills as well as preparations for Goethe exam.

german course erbil

They will receive both text books and different handouts containing lexical resources, test-taking techniques, sample tests and etc. in each level of CEFR, A1, A2, B1, B2. At the end of each course, they will be given a mock test to assess their level of language skills.

Goethe certificate

About Goethe certificate

It is a certificate that meets the requirements of CEFR and is recognized by German embassy to evaluate visa applicants’ German language abilities.

ielts students

Course Target

Our learners are going to gain the highest level of German language skills to prove that we offer the best quality German courses in the region. and obtain the skills and techniques needed to pass Goethe test and be granted the visa to Germany.

learn deutsch

What you will learn?

  • Conversation
  • Speaking & Listening
  • Reading & Writing
  • Vocabulary & Grammar
  • Pronunciation & Authentic accent
  • Test-taking techniques for Goethe test

Who can take the course? (Requirements)

This course will not require you to have knowledge of German language.

Course Duration

9 weeks

3 Days per week

2 hours lectures

Course fee: Call

  • Goethe_certificate_Erbil

    What our students say about us?

    Lava says:

    Great institute, great staff, greatest teacher ms Noor of teaching the German language here ❤️ it is the best decision i’ve ever made to learn here it helped me alott thank you so much for you all. wish u all the best🙏🏻best regards

  • Goethe_certificate_Erbil

    What our students say about us?

    Chyaban says:

    A2 شكرا للمعهد كينكري لقد حصلت ع شهادة گوتا

    @Noor M Imadadin و شكر خاص للمدرسة

    و للادارة راقية


  • Goethe_certificate_Erbil

    What our students say about us?

    Aras says:

    Harbzhin bo tawawi stuff hiway sarkawtni zyatrtan bo daxwazm,lerawa supaseki zor bo mamosta nur barasty pemwa mandi bwa ba hiwam har wa ba ast barzi bmenetawa mamostayaki sarkawtw w lezana dubara supas bo yaka ba yakatan


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