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Persian Language




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Persian Course Erbil

Persian language, also known as Farsi, is spoken in 4 countries, including Iran, which is a neighboring country. Some of us may want to travel there for several reasons: medical treatment, studying, business, fun or etc. You can learn Persian language at KINGERY Institute.

farsi course

Learn Persian with Native Teacher

Course Description

We offer you courses of 5-6 students at all levels, from starter to advanced with Farsi-Speaking teachers. Each level lasts for 36 hours and lectures are given 3 days per week and 2 hours each day. If you want a flexible class, you may register to take private lessons at your convenient time.

farsi course erbil

The Farsi alphabet is a derivation of Arabic script, so learning it is way easier. Don’t waste time and register to learn Persian.

What you will learn?

  • Conversation

  • Speaking & Listening

  • Reading & Writing

  • Vocabulary & Grammar

  • Pronunciation & Authentic accent

farsi course Erbil

Course Duration

6 weeks

3 Days per week

2 hours lectures

Course fee: $145

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Course Target

We are going to hold the highest quality Persian language courses where students learn all Farsi language features.

Who can take the course?

It is for you who want learn Persian language.

  • What our students say about us?

    Rovan says:

    It's very good and I enjoy the course.

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