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Microsoft Office


IT & Computer


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Office Course Erbil

Microsoft Office is a collection of applications that are directly related to our daily life as students, teachers and officers at all aspects.

If you are not familiar with computer, We offer you our highest quality semi-private courses to learn perfectly.

word, excel, powerpoint, windows, outlook.

Learn Microsoft Office Suite

Course Description

The course introduces four different Microsoft Office applications, with a primary focus on using Excel and word to analyze and explore real world data. After completing the course, students will be competent users of the Microsoft Office suite and will have data analysis skills that will be useful in future classes and careers.

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What is Microsoft office course like at KINGERY?

This course is designed to teach the new and experienced user alike how to use the many features of Microsoft office to create documents, publications, and complete tasks that require the use of a word processor.

You'll start out learning the very basics of Microsoft office using instructions and screenshots, then progress into intermediate and advanced features and techniques so that you can get the most out of the popular program.

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What you will learn? (Objectives)

  • Introduction to the concepts of the course.
  • Basic Concepts of Information Technology.
  • Using a computer and organizing files (Windows).
  • Word processing using word.
  • Electronic tables using Excel.
  • Professional PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Internet and email (browsers and Outlook).





Internet & Windows

Office language

Course Target

Once the course is completed, the trainee will become fully familiar with using the computer and the Microsoft Office suite.

What is Microsoft office course?

Educators will be introduced to Office 365, a subscription that includes access to all Microsoft Office applications. Course participants will learn to use and apply the following applications in instruction: Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.



Who can take the course?

This course will not require you to have previous experience in any particular area.

No books will be required.

You should have a working version of Microsoft Office in order to complete the assignment activities.

Course Duration

4 weeks

3 Days per week

2 hours’ lectures

Course fee: Call

Is it suitable for me?

This course is suitable for:

Any student who wants to make professional reports and presentations.

Any person who needs to get a new skill in order to start a new job.

Any officer who needs to accomplish his/her daily tasks in a professional way.  

  • What our students say about us?

    Sonia says:

    Best institute ever, great staff, I was happy to complete my computer course in this institute, the teacher was friendly and helped us a lot to understand the programs well.

  • What our students say about us?

    Rahand says:

    I did a course about MS digging deep through levels of it at Kingery. as result, i found it very helpful to me, the administration staff and My teacher Mr. Majjd together did their best to get me best knowledge in practice. He was an expert of software with ICDL and he added very extra sections to us. thanks for the institute plus recommending better air conditioners by power for students and teachers too.

  • What our students say about us?

    Nawdar says:

    Kingery institute is a good place to learn computer the teacher was so good he makes you understand very well I recommend kingery institute.

  • What our students say about us?

    Ali says:

    It was very useful and we will thank the teacher ‌‌‌‌‌‌(Marina) because she was really working hard to teach us.


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